Farmhouse Trim & Cellular Shades

Our house was built with builder basics, and I’ve made it my mission to add some character to our home. One of the easiest ways to do this is by adding trim. Ryan and I started by installing farmhouse style trim around our living room window.  It made a huge impact, and I love it. We’ve slowly been switching out the rest of the window trim  around the house. I thought I’d share a few photos below.

I couldn’t find my ‘before’ photo, but here’s a ‘before’ photo before we switched the blinds, after we installed the trim though. The trim makes a huge difference.


We’ve been using white faux wood and bamboo blinds for many years. These are great if you don’t have cats. Our cats would bite them and even climb them when they were younger. I started looking at plantation shutters a year or so ago for the living room. The goal was to add more light to the space, but I wanted something that also offered some privacy. I absolutely love the look of plantation shutters, but we had a hell of a time trying to order some. I gave up and started looking at alternatives. I found cellular shades in a variety of colors, but I wasn’t sold until I found the top down/bottom up cordless shades. This option allows you to choose which section of your window you want to expose. These were extremely easy to order through Home Depot, and they are even easier to install. The cats also want nothing to do with these shades. We have a kitten right now, and he doesn’t even notice the shades. We just installed the black out version in our guest bedroom. Those are also great, because you can control the light and look.

IMG_4461Living Window

Here are some pictures of the guest room. The photo on the left shows the black out shade, and the right shows the light filtering. Kona wanted to be in the photo!

It’s snowing in Georgia today, which is crazy! It really feels like Christmas now. Ryan and I took Snoopy outside earlier for some photos. I’m catching up on chores and then settling in for some holiday movie watching!! Have a good weekend!


One thought on “Farmhouse Trim & Cellular Shades

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