Christmas Activities: Lights

Lights 3

Ryan and I enjoy a variety of holiday inspired activities during the month of December. We decided to try a new one that was highly recommended to us by a colleague. The Atlanta Botanical Garden is transformed for the holidays with more than 70,000 lights. Garden Lights, Holiday Nights is a walkthrough exhibit of lights, model trains, and synchronized light shows.

Lights 6

My favorite was the curtain of lights, which is the world’s largest. You walk below them on the Canopy Walk and can stop to watch the choreographed light show. It really is spectacular to see. I took several videos, but I honestly never captured a photo. I was proudly living in the moment.

Although this is a more expensive family activity, I would recommend doing it at least once. They do offer a late night discount during the last hour. We spent roughly an hour and a half walking through the display and sipping on warm beverages. They even serve adult beverages. You can gather by the fire and roast marshmallows too. It’s really a fun experience in the heart of Atlanta.

Lights 4

I recommend purchasing your tickets online due to the long lines. I would also leave the babies at home, because every infant and toddler was screaming his or her head off. I think school age children enjoy it way more. It appeared to be less crowded later in the evening versus earlier. I think it opens at five o’clock. In conclusion, this was a great holiday experience, and I highly recommend it.

Lights 1

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