Cleaning Tips & Tricks

If you’re like me, you want your house to look perfect when friends and family come to visit. At the very least, most of us want our home to appear clean to our guests. I thought I would share some tips and tricks that you can use during this busy holiday season. Who really has enough time to get it all done anyway?

  • Hydrogen peroxide is a staple in our house. It has so many useful purposes. Just last night one of my cats got blood on a rug, and I had to use this magical solution to clean it up. If you have pets or humans in your house, blood is probably going to get on something. All you have to do is pour some peroxide onto the stain, let it foam, dab, and repeat. You’d never know there was blood on that rug. It works like magic!
  • I swear by Mr. Clean Magic Erasers for difficult spots. I use them to clean doors, trim, walls, and more. I even use them to clean my athletic shoes. All you have to do is wet and clean.

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  • Since we have pets in our home, I have to protect everything that is carpet or fabric. Even though most of our flooring is a hard surface, they always cough up a hairball on a softer surface! To protect it all, I use Scotchgard spray. It makes cleaning up stains much easier and protects those things I don’t want to replace frequently.
  • Essential oils are one of my favorite things. I use them in my hair care products, to eliminate foul odors, to discourage my feline friends from biting objects, and more. I have found that applying an orange scented oil to tree branches will discourage most of my cats from biting the tree. I just apply it with a small paintbrush and avoid the lights. Our cat, Lucy, eats everything, so she isn’t deterred by it.  I also love to use essential oils in diffusers around the house. I love coming home to the smell of peppermint or lavender.

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We keep our house pretty tidy, because we can’t stand a mess. I literally can’t even function in a messy, unorganized environment. If guests are coming unexpectedly or if you just haven’t had time to clean, here are some recommendations.

  • Focus most of your energy on the bathroom. Nobody wants to use a disgusting restroom. Make sure all surfaces are clean and that it smells good.
  • Tidy up your entryway for a good first impression. I recommend keeping a basket or cute tote in the entry for shoes, toys, or miscellaneous items. That way you can just toss everything in there. The picture below features one of the totes I keep on hand.
  • Make sure the house smells good.  If you have a garbage disposal, chop up a lemon and throw it in there while it’s running. It will smell so much better. Another tip for those of you with a farmhouse sink, use Comet to clean stains. I hate how much our white farmhouse sink shows, and I will be replacing it when we redo the kitchen.
  • Keep a tote hidden in a closet or under furniture, so that you can toss random items, like toys, into it before guests arrive. Nobody has to see it. We have one for all of the cat toys lying around our house. I trip over their stuff all of the time, so I don’t want guests to experience that irritation.
  • Ask for help. If someone offers, take them up on it. If you don’t have time, hire someone to help. I’m not ashamed to say that I’ve hired someone to help me good clean before guests arrive. I want it to be perfect, so I’ll enlist some help so that I don’t drive my husband or myself insane.


So those are my tips and tricks for you this holiday season. I hope you find one useful. I wasn’t paid to review any of the products above, I just wanted to share the products I found to work. Stay tuned for lots more holiday fun and the porch reveal.

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