It’s a Circus

I decided I would add a new tree inspired by the circus for 2017. I found a collection of circus themed ornaments a few years ago, and I’ve finally procured enough for a small tree. This has been a super challenging theme, because circus themed ornaments are readily available. It think it’s probably even more challenging now that the circus has ended.

The balloon dogs and ticket filled balls were among the first ornaments I purchased. I found the peanuts, balloons, and multi-colored glass balls at Hobby Lobby. The other ornaments are from my travels. I’ve got lots of ideas on how to grow this tree, and I can’t wait to see how it evolves. I wanted to capture the whimsy of the circus and the joys of childhood. I think I was able to do that. What do you think?


This tree is actually in my office at work. I get to enjoy it more that way. Here’s a closer look at some of the ornaments.



My decorating tip for you today is to look beyond the obvious. What I mean is that you can find some really unique ornaments in places you wouldn’t expect. Antique stores, general stores, online retailers, and even Amazon are great places to check. I even found an ornament for this tree in a culinary focused shop. One of my favorite online retailers is Trendy Tree. From inspiration to holiday sprays, they’ve got it all.

I hope you’re enjoying my trees as much as I do. I love how festive our home feels this time of year. Stay tuned, I’ve got one more tree reveal for you. You don’t want to miss Ryan’s Snoopy themed tree. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!

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