Elf on the Shelf

We decided a couple of years ago to join the masses and create our very own holiday elf experience. Although we do not have children, Ryan and I alternate moving our elf , Pigpen, nightly beginning December 1st. It really is a fun way to surprise one another and get into the spirit of Christmas. I honestly enjoy seeing how creative we get with this. We actually try to outdo the other as the nights pass, because we’re competitive like that. Ryan is really good at it!


I know many parents are irked by their elf, but I think preparing ahead of time can eliminate some of the headache. I like to plan out my activities for Pigpen in November, and I keep the list on my phone. I find a combination of simple and challenging activities make it easier. There are going to be some nights that I’m just too tired for the complicated stuff. My other suggestion is shortening the amount of time that your elf is in your home. I think the twelve days of Christmas is just as fun as the entire month. Here are some ideas for your household elf.

  1. Hide & Seek (leave a note and hide the elf)
  2. Game Night (place a board game and some stuffed animals on a table)
  3. Leave elf in the dryer (leave a note for ‘Dry Cleaning’)
  4. Watch television or a movie
  5. Build a Lego set
  6. Ride a train around the living room or Christmas tree
  7. Partially insert elf into a gift bag
  8. Leave elf in the mailbox with a piece of mail
  9. Hide in the Christmas tree
  10. Make breakfast
  11. Feed a pet
  12. Horseback riding (you’ll need a toy horse for this one)
  13. Snow fight with other toys
  14. Photo shoot
  15. Make a mess in the office or kitchen
  16. Sick day (bring out the Band-Aids & thermometer)
  17. Pack your bags (great if you are traveling for the holidays)
  18. Slinky down the stairs
  19. Read a book
  20. Treasure hunt (make your own or find a printable one online)
  21. Climb the curtains or shades
  22. Online shopping with the credit card
  23. Rearrange a room or shelf
  24. Sew some new clothes


Pinterest is also a great resource for ideas. Be sure to check our Instagram account for ideas and pictures this holiday season. I think Pigpen and Snoopy will be quite busy!




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