I love carving pumpkins! Even as an adult, I insist on carving pumpkins before Halloween. I even introduced my husband to pumpkin carving after we were married. He hated it initially, but I think it has grown on him over the years. I know he was especially excited about our theme this year. Thanks to three templates provided by Hallmark, we created a Peanuts gang of jack-o-lanterns.

You can download the templates by visiting Hallmark’s website or by checking out their Facebook page. They actually did a video using the templates. We did modify the templates a bit to accommodate the size of our pumpkins.


Once we got the folding table and supplies in place, we started cleaning our pumpkins. It really didn’t take too long to carve these designs. We were outside maybe an hour or so. Hot chocolate, popcorn, and candy are great additions if you really want to make this a fun activity. In the past, we’ve even invited friends over for a friendly competition. I really like the way our pumpkins turned out this year.

pumpkin carve

I have to show you what they look like at night too. Aren’t they cute?

pumpkin night

I’ll end by wishing you all a Happy Halloween!

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