Checking the List

Where did the year go? I realized last night that we only have six days left between now and Thanksgiving to complete our projects. November and December are always super busy for us. I don’t even try to complete projects in December anymore. That was a difficult lesson to learn. Ryan and I developed a plan last night for completing our projects and transforming our home for the holidays. The transformation begins on Halloween. It’s all about Christmas at our house! While I’m transforming our home for the holiday season, I’ve also got to complete a few more projects.

Before I mention what I hope to complete, I think it’s important to mention the progress we’ve made this year. I was really ambitious going into 2017, which was good from an accomplishment standpoint. I overworked us and spread us too thin though. Not so good. I am really proud of what we accomplished even though some of it isn’t 100% complete. If you live in a fixer upper, that’s just life.

  • Converted the garage into additional living space (that was a massive project)
  • Installed flooring downstairs
  • Widened our closet doors and installed a new organization system
  • Refreshed and reorganized our pantry
  • Moved the dining room light
  • Installed new window treatments
  • Installed shiplap in the downstairs hallway
  • Framed artwork
  • Bought furniture for the den and cat room
  • Installed organizational system in the downstairs closet
  • Installed trim downstairs
  • Tore down and rebuilt the front porch
  • Built a coffee table for the living room
  • Completed the dining room
  • Finished craft room trim



As I mentioned above, we have some tasks I’d like to complete before Thanksgiving.

  • Paint trim downstairs
  • Paint the front porch
  • Replace window trim in the guest room
  • Install new lights and fan in the master bedroom
  • Replace the old window in the cat room
  • Build the bar for Ryan’s den

There are some tasks that we didn’t get to this year that I will conquer next year along with other projects.

  • Install subway tile in the laundry room
  • Replace the back door
  • Install crown molding in the laundry room
  • Finish Ryan’s office

I think we did really well! Converting the garage was the largest project, and it took months to do. It was most certainly worth the time and money. Our home has come a long way since we purchased it, and I think we are getting closer to the finish line. In a few more years, the house might actually be done! I can’t even imagine.

Starting next week, I’ll have lots of Christmas related posts for you all. From our holiday transformation to family activities, we will cover it all. Stay tuned!




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