Old to New

Ryan and I helped my grandparents move from Georgia to Maryland last year. They were downsizing, which meant we needed to rehome a ton of furniture, antique pieces, and collected memorabilia. Nana and Papa told us that if we liked something, we should ask for it. I had one piece in mind when they asked, but I later discovered a record player console in one of their bedrooms. It had been covered up for years, and I had never seen it. I thought it was the coolest thing, and Papa told me to take it. I decided it would look great in our living room.

console before

I originally thought I’d be able to sand and stain the piece. Upon closer inspection, I realized I would have to paint the entire console. Easier said than done, because the front is a louver design of sorts. I love the louver look though! I used a power sander on the top where I uncovered some water damage. The rest of the console got a light sanding, and I wiped the entire thing down with mineral spirits. I also removed the existing hardware and filled those holes.

console process

Many of you have probably heard of chalk paint, and I love the stuff! Annie Sloan is my favorite brand; however, I haven’t tried the newest collection of chalk paint by Joanna Gaines & KILZ. With a quality brush in hand, I painted all of the inside corners and smaller spaces. A foam roller was perfect for the top and sides. The console looked great after two coats. Tip: I do recommend lightly sanding between each coat. The front was saved for last, because it required the use of a small artist brush. Each slat had to be painted by hand, multiple times (I’m screaming on the inside). If I’m being honest with you, I’m still not completely done, and I started this project last year! I just settled after awhile, but I think I’m ready to get back to it. Once I finish the slats, I will seal the rest of the console. I used the Annie Sloan clear wax on all of the previously completed areas. I think I might switch over to poly though, because I don’t like how the wax coated the piece. I haven’t had any issues with other pieces, but sometimes things just don’t work like before.

console painted

We were excited to learn that the radio inside this piece still works. The record player will need to be replaced more than likely, but Ryan is going to try to fix it. I’d love to be able to play records in the living room, especially during the holiday season. The console looks great in our home, and it reminds me of my grandparents. Two wins! This piece has become even more special to me, because I lost my Papa. He was a wonderful man, and I cherish our memories together.

console painted 2

Now I need to decide if I want a lamp on both sides of the console or not. I really like symmetry. I’ve tried various things, but I haven’t found the ‘right’ look. I took everything off so that you could get a better visual. The middle really shouldn’t support anything heavy, so I’ll probably just keep a book or two there with a small object on top. What do you think? One or two lamps? I hope this inspires you to refinish a piece in your home or reminds you to cherish a family heirloom.


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