Dreaming of a Deck Revamp

Not too many posts ago, I shared my plans to revive the exterior of our home. That plan included expanding our deck and screening a portion of it. I originally thought about converting the deck into a sunroom, but it’s an added cost for something I don’t really need. I think screening in our current deck is a happy compromise. We can also do some of the work ourselves, which saves us money.

Photo from Pinterest


Now before I continue, I should probably tell you why I want to screen in the deck.

  • It’s an additional space for our feline babies. Several of my cats love the idea of going outside, and I want them to have a safe place to explore. In theory, I could also move some of the litter boxes into this space.
  • I can’t go outside without being eaten alive by bugs. I love going outside, but I’m miserable when the itching starts. With the screen, I’d be better protected from the bugs.
  • The only purpose of our deck currently is grilling. We don’t use it for any other purpose, because it’s usually hot. We could add a fan and a few other things to make it an enjoyable part of our home.
  • Our home doesn’t currently have a fireplace. That’s perfectly fine except during the winter when I want to sit by a fire. I’m not sure if we’ll add a fireplace to the deck, but I love the idea.
Photo from deckbuildingtips.info


Moving right along. I know that we’ll need a professional for the framing of this project, and I might just have them deal with the screens too. We would also need to hire someone if we decide to add the fireplace. Ryan and I can handle the railings, finishes, and electrical work. I’d like to explore this project next year, but I need to get some quotes before we commit. It would be the last ‘addition’ to our home. We do still have some remodeling in our home left to complete…um the kitchen would be great.  That’s even more costly and something I told Ryan I’d put off for at least one more year. Back to the deck, because I could talk about the kitchen for hours. I’ve actually already got some furniture for the space and maybe even lights. I really think it would be a space we’d enjoy or at the very least, the cats would enjoy.  I love the feel of the space below.

deck 2
Photo from digsdigs.com


These are things I think about way in advance before I start a project. Function, cost, and labor are three important factors to consider when dreaming up a new project. If you’ve screened in your porch or deck, I’d love to hear from you. What elements did you include? How much did it cost? Would you do it again? I’ve got lots of things to consider as I determine how and when to move forward with this project. I’ll keep you all posted.

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