Weekly Favorite Finds

I love a great boxwood wreath. Any room can benefit from some added greenery, and these are perfect for any space. I love to hang mine with ribbon, especially red ribbon during the holiday season. I have one of these wreaths hanging on our living room mirror.  You could also use these when creating a beautiful tablescape or pair with a white candle on a tray. I purchase mine at Target and a local boutique. They come in a variety of sizes.

I keep all of my cards in the clear card keeper from Container Store. It keeps my cards organized, and I can easily find what I’m looking for. I have one for cards I’ve received and another for cards I’ll send out eventually. These are great for storing Christmas cards too.

I used to hate caulking until we bought the caulking finishing tool. With this tool and a bucket of water, I can quickly caulk around the house. It does a much better job of evening out the caulk and creates a straight edge. It has helped tremendously in our den since we’ve had a ton of caulking to do in there with the addition of trim and windows. We bought the tool at Home Depot for a few dollars.

If you haven’t checked out my recent posts, I encourage you to do so. You just might find something you’d like to try. Stay tuned, there’s lots more coming!

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