Pumpkin Patch

Every fall we make our way to Burt’s Farm in Dawsonville, Georgia. This farm has it all, from hay rides to the biggest pumpkins you’ve ever seen. A visit to this fantastic pumpkin patch is a family tradition.


Ryan and I even brought Snoopy with us this year so that he could help us find our very own ‘Great Pumpkin’. The pumpkins are huge!


The hay ride really gets you in the mood, and we could not have had better weather this year. It was just the right temperature with a nice breeze. After the ride, we walked around selecting our favorites. Burt’s offers a variety of pumpkins and even décor in their store. It really is a must visit.

Not only are pumpkins great for fall decorating, but I also enjoy carving my own work of art. Did you know that “jack-o’-lanterns” originated in Ireland? Irish immigrants brought the tradition with them to America. They actually used turnips and potatoes until they discovered pumpkins. The belief was that the lighted “jack-o’-lanterns” would ward off evil spirits. Evil spirits or not, I think it’s a fun way to celebrate the season. I typically carve one or two of our pumpkins the weekend before Halloween. Do you have a fall tradition? Share your traditions, fall favorites, and memories in the comments section below.





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