Weekly Favorite Finds

So I’m a bit later than usual with my weekly finds, and that’s because I wanted to share my Saturday with you! Parsons Christmas Shop in Cumming, Georgia opened for the Christmas season yesterday. I’m already ramping up for the holidays, and I couldn’t wait to see their new products. This shop is so much fun, and you’re going to get something new every year. Ryan and I always make plans to go opening day, because we love Christmas. I thought I’d share some photos from the shop, as well as three items I picked up yesterday.

Aren’t these trees adorable? I just love the upside down tree, and I’m thinking I need one for my circus themed tree. I also really liked the lights on the smaller tree, because they create depth and texture. Parsons had several beautiful trees on display in addition to their holiday villages. They do such a terrific job!

I did some damage yesterday, but I thought I’d share three really unique finds from my shopping spree. If you saw my Christmas posts last year, you know that I go all out when decorating my trees. Each tree is themed with matching gift wrap, accessories, and a tree skirt. My newest tree celebrates the book and movie The Polar Express. Both the Santa ornament and the lantern are for that particular tree. I loved the large size of the Santa ornament and its reference to believing. I want to incorporate some larger items this year, like I did with my Nutcracker tree. Moving right along, the lantern is going to look adorable under the tree with the train. In the movie, the conductor waves a lantern very similar to this one. Both of these items really capture the essence of Christmas spirit. I recently saw a picture of a tree that included a holiday ladder. As seen in the pictures above, the team at Parsons did the same thing. I wanted to incorporate a holiday ladder on Ryan’s Peanuts tree. We will add the character Woodstock to the ladder, which is going to be super adorable.

I’m so excited that the holidays are quickly approaching. I am actually decorating our home for fall today, and I’ll be putting up our Harry Potter tree very soon. On October 31st, this home will be transformed for the holidays. Stay tuned for all of the exciting things we are planning for the ┬ámost wonderful time of the year (which is September-December).

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