California 2017

We got home Friday from our trip to Northern California. We visited Sonoma, Santa Rosa, Napa, Bodega Bay, Sausalito, and San Francisco. Since this was our second full trip to the area, there were things we didn’t do this time that we did previously. At a later date, I’ll provide our recommendations for activities, lodging, and restaurants when planning your own trip. Today, I thought I’d share some of the highlights from our vacation.

For all of the Snoopy fans out there, the Charles MSchulz Museum is a must. This was our second visit, and Ryan enjoyed every second of it. The museum provides a better understanding of Charles and his techniques. The museum is like an art gallery in many ways, and it’s a wonderful place to appreciate Schulz’s talent. After visiting the museum, you must check out the ice rink and gift shop.

IMG_3579 (2)

Although we aren’t wine drinkers, we appreciate the beauty of Napa. On our last trip, we climbed aboard the Napa Valley Wine Train. The train is a great way to experience Napa in its entirety. We wanted a closer look this time, so we decided to visit Castello di Amorosa. You can tour the castle, enjoy the tasting room, learn about their process, and walk the beautifully landscaped grounds.


I think one of my favorite activities this time was visiting the San Francisco Zoo. Not only is it a great way to get your steps in, but the zoo is beautiful. The grounds are very pretty, and they have a variety of animals. I don’t think you are ever too old to enjoy the wonders of the zoo.

IMG_3692 (2)IMG_3729 (2)IMG_3717 (2)IMG_3704 (2)

We decided to walk a portion of Golden Gate Bridge, something neither of us had done before. Although it was very windy, it was a great walk with spectacular views. Construction of the bridge started in 1933, and several men lost their lives building this suspension bridge. The only complaint I would have about visiting this famous landmark is the tourists on bikes. Many people ride across the bridge instead of walking it. Long rant short, these people need to learn how to ride a bike and stay in their lane. Rant over. Ryan captured some really beautiful photos, see below.


We had a great time, and I hope you enjoy the photos. Stay tuned for our recommendations and another room reveal!

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