Weekly Favorite Finds

Did you see the big reveal this week? If not, check out my finished craft room, because I think it’s pretty awesome. With that in mind, I wanted to share three items from that space.

Can you have too many lanterns? I don’t think so! I probably have one for each room in our house, because they are so awesome. The Malta collection at Pottery Barn is perfect for seasonal decorating, adding coastal flair, or creating a unique display. I really don’t know how to best describe my love for lanterns. They really are the perfect accessory. You can do so many different things with them, and I think part of my love for them is due to their versatility. If you all are interested, I’ll create a tutorial on how to decorate with lanterns this fall/holiday season.

When I was designing my craft room, I knew I wanted one of these bungee chairs. They are pleasing to the eye, affordable, and really comfortable. I started out with one in my office and decided to get another one. They also roll really well on my tile floor. Container Store has several color options for your space. Ryan actually just got a red one without arms for his office. Simply, it’s a great chair.

I’m not sure how my love for Dash & Albert rugs started. I must have seen one in a magazine or something. I remember looking at a collection of them while in Napa many years ago in this little décor boutique. I received my first one as a Christmas gift from one of my sisters. Yes, I ask for rugs for Christmas. Rugs aren’t even the weirdest thing I ask for…tile probably is. Anyway, there are many design and color options available to fit your space. I don’t have a local retailer that stocks them, but you might have one near you. My favorite design must be the herringbone, because I keep purchasing that particular one. I’ve got a striped one in my spare room too. My dad actually gave me that one. These rugs are also easy to vacuum and spot clean. I’ll be honest though, my cats have not tested these rugs. I keep these away from them, because I don’t even want to deal with it. Some items I just want to enjoy without the approval of my cats.

As always, you can visit the retailers of these products or order online. I’m taking a break next week, but I’ll be back soon enough. I’ll have a new travel post, so stay tuned.

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