Weekly Favorite Finds

Since I am just worn out this week and ready for a nap, I thought I’d share some of my bedding favorites. There’s nothing like crawling into your bed after a long day.

I swear by duvet covers, and I purchase all of mine from Pottery Barn. I like their selection of comfortable, beautiful, and washable covers. Comforters are typically bulky and take up more space. I change out our bedding seasonally, so storage is an important consideration. I wash, fold, and store the covers neatly in a tote under the bed. The cover in the photo is actually one of the covers I have in our bedroom. Aside from storage, these are really easy to keep clean and put on the bed. Side note, I purchase my duvet inserts from Target.

I love pillows, so I thought I’d share a favorite cover and the inserts that I purchase. The Textured Linen Cover just about goes with everything. I like that the closure is a button too, because zippers just annoy me at times. Most of our pillows, even the ones I make, have a feather-down insert from Crate & Barrel. These fluff really well, but you can flatten them for easy storage. I know, I’m always thinking about storage. I’m also probably the only person that ‘collects’ bedding and pillows. You just never know what you’ll need if you decide to mix it up. The inserts are also really affordable and go on sale from time to time.

Visit the online sites of Pottery Barn and Crate & Barrel to purchase these great products. Remember to check back every week for new additions!


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