Update on Cat Room

Things are moving slower than we hoped, but we are making progress. I wanted to share an updated image of the Cat Room. We finished installing the floor yesterday, and I think it look greats. We also installed the baseboards, which will need to be caulked and touched up with paint.

Tip: Instead of filling nail holes with caulk, fill the holes with drywall compound. It’s much easier to sand, and it makes the baseboards look flawless.

The list of things to do in this room is getting smaller! We’ve got to add the StyleStix to the ceiling, finish the trim, paint the closet, and work on the other window. I’m looking forward to the fun part, which is decorating. I think the cats will be happier too…they aren’t fans of the constant change. My goal is to have this space completed and to share pictures of the space with you all next month. Stay tuned!


Cat Room Update

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