Renovating: Den & Cat Room

We began our garage conversion project last week. Typically Ryan and I complete the renovations; however, this project was a bit out of our comfort zone. We brought in a company to seal the garage, install windows, frame, insulate, drywall, and install the grid for the ceiling. We will complete all of the finishing work over the next couple of months.

 I wanted to share an update and walk you through my design process. The windows are in, and we are starting to see where the walls are. I’m so glad that we can see light now! It

Cat Room- Editden-2.jpgmakes a huge difference. The photo on the left is where the cat room will be. The photo on the right is of the future den. All of this will have drywall this week, which is even more exciting.

Today, I want to unveil the paint color, floor, and a couple of pieces for the cat room. This isn’t a crazy cat lady kind of room. This room will be equally beautiful and have another function, a fun seating area. The paint color (seen below) is Benjamin Moore Silver Mink. You’ll notice there are two types of flooring. The tile represents the rest of the downstairs (including den), and the wood sample is for the cat room.

Side Note: I hate houses with a million types of flooring, but I felt this room needed something more comforting than the tile. If we ever resell, this space will count as a bedroom…thus the decision to not tile. I also love the contrast!

Now you’re probably wondering how did I come up with this plan? I typically start with a fabric or mood I want to create. I try to start with the end in mind. I knew I wanted this room to coordinate with the ‘beach’ theme in our home. I also knew it had to be super functional for our cats and life. Between my hoarding of samples and Pinterest, I’ve usually got a million ideas for rooms I haven’t even seen yet. Anyway, I bought several samples of paint and started painting an extra piece of drywall. I also gathered the tile, trim, and several wood samples. From there, I played with combinations and looked at rooms I’ve noted as favorites. From there, it’s really instinct with some trial and error.

Cat Room 3

Lastly, I thought I’d share some awesome pieces I plan to use in this space. I’ve been trying to find a reason to buy the chairs below, and I think found it. The cart is just super cute, and I’m stealing an idea from Pinterest. I can’t wait to get this room completed and share the final results. Stay tuned for more updates and the den design.


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