Saying Goodbye to Isabella


Dear Isabella:

I remember it like it was yesterday. I saw you for the first time at Petsmart. I remember thinking to myself you had the prettiest eyes. I wasn’t sure though, because I had never had a pet. I wasn’t sure how to choose one. It was a couple of weeks later before we actually met you. I remember letting Ryan hold you first. As soon as we sat down on the bench in that small adoption space, you crawled over to my lap and went to sleep. Ryan said, “See, she likes you”. You came home with us that night.

I took so many photos of you that first year. I’m glad I did, because they comfort me now. I’m not sure if you knew how much I looked forward to seeing you when I came home from work or school. You would crawl into my lap and demand attention. You loved to cuddle and enjoyed regular brushing. Over the years, you have been there for me. You’ve been a loyal companion to both Ryan and I. You were and will always be my girl.

Aging was hard on you. It broke my heart. I wanted you to live forever. I struggled to decide what to do for you. I didn’t want you to suffer, but I didn’t want to take your life by putting you to sleep early. As your time got closer, I tried to make sure I gave you all of my attention and love. I hope you felt loved and adored. Words can’t even explain what you mean to me. You were my baby, my family, and my Isabella. I hope I did right by you until the very end.

I feel like a piece of me is gone. My heart is broken. Isabella, you were such an important part of my life. You were my pillow buddy nearly every night. Your purr was one of my favorite sounds. You were there for me when I was sick or recovering from tests and surgeries. You simply brought joy and love to my life. My life won’t be the same without you. You taught me that cats choose people. You chose me, and I will forever be grateful.


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