Master Closet

The weekend before last we decided to finally expand our master closet. A small 24 inch opening was making it nearly impossible to use this space. I had actually resorted to using our spare closet as my own. Here is the closet without trim and previous storage:


We spent the weekend expanding the opening, adding and replacing hardwood flooring, painting, installing doors, and installing our Elfa system.

Once we opened the space.
Closer to completion.
Complete with Annabelle.

We are thrilled with how this space came together. If you haven’t looked at the Elfa systems at Container Store, you are missing out. Elfa is wonderful for OCD people like myself. Annabelle couldn’t miss a photo opportunity either.

Closer look at shoe organization.

I hope this encourages you to clean those closets or maybe start a project you’ve been putting off at home.

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