Christmas & Elf

As I mentioned before, we live for Christmas! Not only do we partake in the Elf on the Shelf craze, we also enjoy a daily activity and dollar gift exchange. The daily activity ensures we take a moment every single day to celebrate the season and enjoy each other. Each year I come up with 24 fun activities, and Ryan draws an activity each day, beginning on the first of December. Activities may include building a Christmas themed Lego kit, having a snowball fight, giving a gift to someone in need, writing a letter to Santa, and many more. Tonight we will enjoy some of our favorite hot cocoa.

Another favorite is exchanging an inexpensive ($1-$3) gift on the days leading up to Christmas Eve. We change this up every year, because it can be quite challenging. We may give one another coupons or handcraft some items to reduce costs. We’ve even limited it to every other day in years past. There are so many ways to enjoy the season with loved ones. What are some of the ways your family celebrates and gets into the spirit?

Week 2 of Elf is Complete

It’s time for reindeer games.
Elf is getting twisted with a cow and duck.
Looks like Pig-Pen caught the Grinch.
Pig-Pen needed some copies.
Last piece!
Special delivery!